Listed here are ideas, processes and objects designed digitally, realized digitally or made tangible. The title is the link.


2019. 3D Printed Steel

This work was commissioned for the show Forging a Link mounted at the Mercer Museum.

I am absorbed by the Mercer Museum’s collection of tobacco advertisements depicting a black faced minstrel, court jester, and an native American Indian chief. These trade figures were considered tools, and objects of advertisement by Henry Mercer. These bodies are artifacts of earlier systems of consumption, essentially, of intoxicants like tobacco and liquor. Their original purported function is blind to the fact that these figures represent a form of cultural appropriation and discriminatory biases.

I have intentionally layered another form of appropriation, or re-mix to the trade figures by 3D scanning and digitally repositioning the bodies in forms of demonstration. By punching the air with a fist, and taking a knee, these bodies are released from their wheeled pediments and given the expression of protest.


Digital Skins is a body of work done during my time as a curriculum developer and applications researcher for 3D Systems (University).